Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Help Us Ted Lilly You're Our Only Hope

Tonight's series ending game against the Astros features Ted Lilly (also known as The Savior) going against another junk throwing sinkerballer Brian Moehler. The Cubs went 2-1 against him in 4 games last season, but they never really beat him up. That doesn't make me fell good about tonight because the Cubs love to get eaten up by sinkerball pitchers.

Ted wasn't very good last April and hopefully he will be more like the Ted we all know and love and less like the Ted who sucked last April. The Cubs will be missing super catcher Geovany Soto tonight with some shoulder soreness, he might miss Friday as well. That pretty much pencils Koyie Hill in the eight hole where he will receive protection from Ted Lilly.

Since Moehler is a righty we will get another dose of Fukudome in center, I'll guess he hits second tonight to keep the RLRL thing going. That means Theriot will probably hit seventh, Fontenot sixth and the fearsome threesome of Lee, Bradley, and Aramis go 3-4-5. 

Lee and Bradley have been the tale of two struggles so far. DLee had an RBI last night, but he still hasn't had good at bats. Bradley hasn't gotten a hit yet, but almost every at bat this season he has gone 3-2 which means his luck is going to change fast.

With Soriano apparently in one of his hot streaks here early on the Cubs should be able to get to Moehler for enough runs to win, but remember that Carlos Lee hasn't gotten us yet and Ted isn't good in April. I'll take the Astros to win 7-4.

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