Monday, April 6, 2009

Cubs v. Astros (Game 1)

According to Bruce Miles, this will be Cubs lineup tonight:
1. LF Alfonso Soriano, R
2. CF Kosuke Fukudome, L
3. 1B Derrek Lee, R
4. RF Milton Bradley, S
5. 3B Aramis Ramirez, R
6. 2B Mike Fontenot, L 
7. C Geovany Soto, R
8. SS Ryan Theriot, R
9. P Carlos "el toro 38" Zambrano, S

Some thoughts:
- You can see the righty/lefty balance that has been so widely-discussed the past two years right there in the lineup card. The proof will be in the pudding: let's see how it works out against a great righthander in Roy Oswalt.

- Speaking of Oswalt, he is 72-22 in 124 career games at Minute Maid Park. To me that is just unbelievable. I know that win-loss record isn't a great stat to measure pitchers, but his career ERA at home is 2.68. Wow. 

- I think is obviously real important for all the hitters to get off to solid starts, but more so for Milton Bradley and Kosuke Fukudome. Much like Derrek Lee in 2004, the media will be all over Bradley if he gets off to a tough start in his initial year as a Cub. I only know what I've read about his psyche, and I really think the vast majority of it is much ado about nothing, but it still couldn't hurt for some pressure to be taken off him. Dome just flat out needs to quite the critics, and show any reason why he should get time instead of Reed Johnson. 

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