Monday, April 13, 2009

Cubs 4 - Rockies 0 (Game 7)

Great game, bad weather. The wind definitely robbed the Rockies off a few homers, most notably Ryan Spillborghs in the first inning. However, Ted Lilly was fantastic, and had the control he didn't have in Houston. I successfully avoided saying any combination of the words "no" and "hitter," so don't put that one on me. 

Today was really the best version of Ted Lilly, as he was moving quickly and throwing first pitch strikes. I just love Ted's demeanor in general, but especially when he is rolling. He figuratively puts his head down and chugs away at batters. Z could learn a thing or two from his teammate. 

I know I will probably harp on this more than I should because I so badly want him to succeed, but lost in the first week of the season was that Kosuke's solid start all came on the road. The road was not kind to him last year, where he batted .225 and had an OBP of .322, so this past week hopefully starts him in the right direction away from Wrigley.

At Wrigley today, he continued to get on base with 3 walks and one hit. Derrek Lee showed some signs of life with two hits and an RBI, so hopefully a few home games is what he needs to jump start his season. 

If you would have told me a month ago that Dome would be the 3 hitter and Mike Fontenot would be starting at third to open Wrigley, I'd pretty obviously say the Cubs lose. They won with a patchwork lineup today because of a great start from Ted. As Spiderman said (and as confirmed by Peter Griffin) everyone gets one. 


  1. Everybody does get one. So lets never have to watch Aaron Miles start again.