Tuesday, April 14, 2009

4/15 Player A v. Player B

These two players don't have the star-power of the first post, but their numbers are still intriguing. Both of these guys can contribute to a winning ball club, despite the low averages. 

Player A 
BA - .247
OPS - .902
HR - 280
BB - 808
SB - 59

- MVP 26, ROY 4

Player B
BA - .256
OPS - .858
HR - 304
BB - 788
SB - 56

- MVP 30, two-time Silver Slugger 

So, who ya got?? Comment away!


  1. Player A. Although I'd like to see the number of career plate appearances.

  2. Player A looks like Adam Dunn. So I'd take him based on more walks than Player B.

  3. On second thought I am going to go with B because he plays a more premium position than A at 3B.

  4. Haha, looks like you have an idea who player B is.

  5. A, OPS is significantly higher.

  6. I thought Player B was Dunn. He's older than 26. I think I'd go with B but just barely. Whether its Dunn or not.

  7. Actually scratch that and give me A because if he's younger, he's probably got more power as well.