Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cubs-Yankees Excitement

A few month ago when it was announced that the Cubs would be the first team to play in the new Yankee Stadium, I was very excited. Sure they are two meaningless exhibition games that mean nothing, but for me its really cool to face the Yankees. 

The matchup got a little bit cooler this week as the teams have started to leak potential starting pitchers. The Yankees announced that Chien-Ming Wang will start April 3, the Cubs will counter that day with either Ted Lilly or Rich Harden. The Cub who doesn't start Friday will be the Saturday starter. This is pretty cool in my opinion, I thought originally that each team would toss out some useless AAA pitchers to fill up the innings while the star hitters left after 4 innings. Odds are this will still happen, but at least for 4 innings or so real major league hitters and pitchers will be facing off.

The only thing that is missing is Ted Lilly striking out A-Rod to finish off a no-hitter. I guess I'll have to wait until the World Series (HA!) for that.

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