Thursday, February 19, 2009

Uh, Fukudome What are you thinking?

So, I'll admit I hate Kosuke Fukudome, I think he is a waste of money and would be best used by the Cubs if he was sent back to Japan with a nice buyout check. I also understand that that will never happen, Dome has too much pride to just give up and the same goes for Jim Hendry. Not to mention it sets a dangerous precedent that I don't think the players union would really like. So the Cubs are stuck with a $12 million a year outfielder who has only shown the ability to play defense. 
To make matters worse Fukudome has decided that instead of being at Cubs spring training, he will play for his home country of Japan in the World Baseball "Classic". 
Without going into too much detail as to why the WBC is the dumbest thing ever invented, a player like Fukudome shouldn't be playing in it when his JOB is on the line. Dome doesn't have himself a spot in the outfield right now, he has to earn it. Honestly the best Dome can do is flat out win the CF job, and most likely he will be platooning with Reed Mantle to start the season. The thing is Joey Gathright is also fighting to be the left-handed part of the centerfield platoon. 
So basically Fukudome is showing up a month late and going to try and fight for a job that he will only be doing half the time. In my mind, that isn't a good plan for anybody involved. The Cubs biggest position player unknown makes himself more of a mystery by not showing up until two weeks before the season starts. I can't imagine Lou Pinella is very pleased with that. 
This team doesn't need Fukudome in order to succeed, the signing of Milton Bradley took care of that, but it would be nice to get something productive out of this guy who is getting all this money. Instead he will have to split time with Reed Mantle and really his only use is if Soriano or Bradley get hurt (which they very well could).

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